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Common Hair Attachment Styles and Techniques

Common Hair Attachment Styles and Techniques

Hair extensions are very efficient in ensuring that the hair gets a good length and even putting new styles. Most women like to have different hair styles frequently and hair extensions give room for this. haarverlängerung möglichkeiten If you want to add volume to your hair, you will still get this from extensions. They are a sure way of having a good style and even having fun with your hair. When choosing a hair extension you have to consider the cost, weight of the hair, natural appearance and how it feels. Once you have these sorted, it is time to pick an installation or attachment method that is suitable for you.

Clip in Hair Extensions Techniques

This hair extension is fast and can be done fitted from home without any help. These are straight, waved, curled and are attached by dividing your natural hair and then extension strip is put into the hair. http://haarverlaengerung24.net/haarverlaengerung-clips/ The extension can only be worn once and then removed before going to sleep to avoid matts.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions Technique

This is where a metal tube is fixed on top of natural hair and then the extension is attached. The best micro-rings are light in weight and the inside of the lining has silicon to avoid the extensions from falling off. Your hair will not be damaged since the micro-rings are very light and removing them is simply through unfastening the micro-rings.

Shrinkies Hair extensions technique

Here, keratin protein craggy thermal shrink tubing are exposed to heat thus allowing the keratin to fuse joining real hair with the extension. Once, this is done the tubing contracts and keeps the bond safe. This method of hair extension is quite effective and will stay on for a long time. Removing means reheating the bond to release the extension and any keratin residue on the hair is washed with acetone removers.

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